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Subject: Topics for 2nd TC phase

Dear TC members,
dear TC observers,

the Open Office TC is currently reaching the end of its first phase,
that is about a base specification for office documents. The TC has
finished the discussions about the specification and schema itself and
is now preparing the specification and schema documents.

When this first TC phase is finished, the TC will start a 2nd phase,
that is about extending the base specification to encompass additional
areas of applications or users. Please check the TC's charter at


for details about the 2nd TC phase.

The TC members have already collected some topics that might be
discussed in 2nd TC phase. These topics are

- Security features (for instance digital signatures)
- Form features (for instance support of XForms functionality)
- Integration of user defined schemes
- Enhanced bibliography features

In a ddition to these larger topics, the TC members have collected a few
smaller topics during the first TC phase that they would like to discuss
in the 2nd TC phase. A list of these topics can be found in the
following mail:


Please note that all these topics currently are suggestions only. The TC
did not make any decisions so far what actually will be discussed in the
2nd TC phase, nor about a certain order in which the topics will be
discussed. So if you have additional topics that are related to office
documents and match the TC's charter, or if you have interest in one of
the above topics, please let the TC know this. Please send you
suggestions either using the TC's comment form available at


or to the TC's mailing list directly, if you are allowed to do so.

Best regards

Michael Brauer

OASIS Open Office TC chair

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