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Subject: [office] Open Office Specification Draft 4

Dear TC members,

I've copied a new specification draft into the TC's document section:


It now is in the OpenOffice.org format, rather than PDF.

Compared to the previous draft, many TODOs have been resolved. For the 
remaining TODOs, an "(Ed)" or "(TC)" clarifies whether the TODO has to 
be resolved by the editors, or within the TC.

We also introduced  "Notes to the TC" (that still have a red background 
color). A "Note to the TC" is a TODO for the TC where the editors 
already suggest a solution, so that a discussion is only required if 
someone of you disagrees to the solution. Most "Notes to the TC" are 
inconsistencies between the spec and the DTD, misspelled attribute or 
element names, or attributes/elements that have been agreed without 
specifying its name exactly. The suggested solution has been integrated 
in the spec already.

Best regards


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