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Subject: Re: [office] Text Object position

Hi David,

David Faure wrote:
> I have a suggestion for an improvement in the way we specify the position of 
> text objects (or even drawing objects in general).
> What about saving their position (svg:x and svg:y) as redundant information, 
> for applications that don't implement all the positioning capabilites of e.g. OOWriter?
> For instance I saved a text-box with the default settings in OO, and it was anchored
> to the paragraph, and centered within the paragraph.
>   <draw:text-box svg:width="6.786cm" draw:name="Cadre1" fo:min-height="8.652cm"
>     draw:style-name="fr1" draw:z-index="0" text:anchor-type="paragraph" >
>   <style:style style:name="fr1" style:family="graphics" style:parent-style-name="Frame" >
>    <style:properties style:vertical-pos="top" style:horizontal-pos="center" 
>      style:horizontal-rel="paragraph" style:vertical-rel="paragraph-content" />
>   </style:style>
> If the application reading this doesn't implement centering of inline elements
> in paragraphs, the text box will be wrongly placed. Can we specify that the
> initial application should save the x and y (relative to the page topleft corner),
> so that less-advanced applications and conversion filters know where to place it?

Until now, I did not find a solution for this issue. I think we should 
discuss this issue again on Monday.

> Much like we specified that the number in front of numbered paragraph should be saved,
> even though it can be in theory recalculated. It removes the need for the reader
> to implement the full algorithm for numbered paragraphs in that case, or the
> full layouting algorithm for the text-box case. (Imagine trying to place the above text box in
> an HTML/CSS export filter).

That's integrated in the latest draft.

> Michel/Daniel: can OOWriter be changed to save the x and y? :)
> Thanks,
> David.


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