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Subject: Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Minutes 03-Mar-04

MARCH 3RD, 2004, 3PM GMT – 3:20PM GMT

Doug Alberg <doug.alberg@boeing.com>, Boeing
Gary Edwards <garyedwards@yahoo.com>
Tom Magliery <Tom.Magliery@corel.com>, Corel
Patrick Durusau <pdurusau@emory.edu>, Society of Biblical Literature
Daniel Vogelheim <daniel.vogelheim@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems

Acceptance of Minutes of the February, the 23rd meeting
- The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes.

Action Items
Daniel Vogelheim: Clarify on the Relax-NG mailing list whether an 
automatic conversion to DTDs exists.
- done: For best results, conversions require some additional work,
manually or through XSLT.
Michael Brauer: Get in contact with DCMI regarding a liaison relationship.
- in progress

Specification Document Clarifications
The TC discussed some details of the specification document that need a 
clarification by the TC:

- use of must, may, etc.

The TC discussed the use of 'must' and similar keywords in the 
specification. The TC agreed to restrict the use of the capitalized form 
to denote levels of application conformance, and to remove the 
formatting from other, non-specific use of those words.

A review of the term use using the concordance listings Patrick provided 
shows that the keyword formatting has been used consistently when 
describing application conformance, but occurs also in other chapters 
for for more unspecific use which should be removed.

- overflow-behaviour

The TC agreed to change the overflow-behaviour attribute for frames as 
suggested by the TODO-item in the specification.

As decided originally, the overflow-behaviour attribute could allow 
frames to either be fixed in size, grow as needed, or be duplicated on 
subsequent pages until the content was fulfilled. The first two of these 
options are now covered by the min-width/-height attributes, which 
already allow a frame to be fixed or grow in x- and y-dimensions. To 
accomodate this, the overflow-behaviour flag now only allows the frame 
to be duplicated on subsequent pages, as leaves the fixed/grow decision 
to the use of the min-width/-height attributes.

- DTD delivery

The TC will deliver Relax-NG and XSD schema with the committee 
specification. DTDs require some additional work and will be delivered 

- text object positions

The TC briefly discussed absolute position attributes for text objects, 
as has been suggested on the mailing list by David and Michael. As the 
discussion is not resolved and none of the participants where in the 
conference call, the TC did not take any action.

- time line

The time line for the committee specification was discussed and agreed 
upon. Unless any new issues arise, the final specification draft should 
be finished by March 8th, and then be voted on either in the subsequent 
meeting (March 15th), or by email between the 8th-15th.

New Action Items

Daniel Vogelheim

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