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Subject: Re: [office] SPEC: 14.2.15 First page number


David Faure wrote:
> One question about this one: why does it state that it applies to spreadsheet documents
> only? I think it can be useful to create a word processing document that starts at page 
> number 42, when the first 41 pages of the document are in another file.

The reason for mentioning spreadsheet documents here is that text 
documents and spreadsheet document have different pagination concepts:

Within text documents, one usually specifies for a certain paragraph or 
table that it should start with a certain page number. The attribute for 
this is called style:page-number, and it can be used for paragraph or 
table styles. To start a document with a certain page number, one has to 
assign the style:page-numer attribute to the paragraph style that is 
applied to the first paragraph of the document.

Within spreadsheet documents, the spreadsheets themselves do not contain 
any pagination. Only when printing documents, the spreadsheets are 
distributed over one or more pages. A page style that is assigned to the 
spreadsheet contains the information that is required to do so, for 
instance the information whether the pages should run from the top to 
the bottom first or from the left to the right first. The 
style:first-page-number here has the purpose to specify the number of 
the first page of a spreadsheet.

> Can I suggest to remove "spreadsheet" from the description of 14.2.15 (style:first-page-number)?

We may of course remove the "spreadsheet" here and state that for text 
documents, the specified page number will be used for the document's 
first page, provided that this page is formatted according to the page 
layout the attribute is contained in, but this change is not required 
for the use case you have described.

Please let me know if you think we should change this anyway (until 
Thursday evening, because we agreed that our voting will start on 
Friday). I assume no one of the other TC members would have objections 
to change this, so we might vote about this change together with our 
committee draft voting.


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