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Subject: Re: [office] SPEC: 14.2.15 First page number

Hi David,

David Faure wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 March 2004 14:15, Michael Brauer wrote:
>>We may of course remove the "spreadsheet" here and state that for text 
>>documents, the specified page number will be used for the document's 
>>first page, provided that this page is formatted according to the page 
>>layout the attribute is contained in, but this change is not required 
>>for the use case you have described.
> I believe it is.
> If the "starts on page number 9" is bound to the first paragraph,
> then inserting a new paragraph before that one, will put the new paragraph
> on page 1, and leave the second paragraph on page 9, right?

OOo keeps moves the page break with page number nine into the new 
paragraph, but that's an implementation detail.

> That's IMHO the difference between the page-number for a paragraph
> and the first-page-number for the whole document, which is guaranteed to
> remain valid, no matter which changes are made to the document, as long
> as the document-wide setting isn't changed.

This sounds reasonable: I've change the description to:

"The style:first-page-number attribute allows you to specify a number 
other than 1 for the first page of a text document or a spreadsheet."


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