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Subject: [office] Open Office Specification Draft 11

Dear TC members,

I've copied a new specification draft into the TC's document section:


I've removed all notes to the TC, removed all the yellow and red changes 
highlighting, and reordered the contributors, so that the current TC 
members come first. I've also integrated the changes that have been 
suggested by Patrick and David (see mailing list) and fixed two issues 
in the schema that I've detected during a conversion of the schema into 
XSD. On the one hand, there was an "onRequest" value that contained a 
blank character at the end, on the other hand the "cellAddress" data 
type contained a " character in its pattern that was invalid but also 
unnecessary, so I could remove it.

In case you find further typos, please let me know them until tomorrow 
(Thursday) evening, so that I can integrate them Friday morning CET. I 
will also extract the Relax-NG schemas Friday morning and convert them 
into XSD. When this is done, I will start our committee draft voting.

In case you find further typos or in case I find further errors in the 
schema during the XSD conversion, I will create a new draft 12. 
Otherwise, this draft 11 will be the one we are voting about.

Best regards


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