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Subject: Re: [office] 1.7 Mimetypes: Extensions?


according to RFC2048, 2.2.9 extensions are optional. We haven't 
requested the MIME types so far, because we don't have a public 
specification so far, so we still may discuss whether we want to specify 
extensions or not. However, I suggest that we do that in the 2nd phase, 
but of course before the register MIME types.

Is KOffice using the sx? extensions StarOffice and OpenOffice.org are using?


David Faure wrote:
> Section 1.7 defines the mimetype names (e.g. application/vnd.oasis.openoffice.text)
> but doesn't define which extension should commonly be used for such documents
> (e.g. *.oot, for "oasis openoffice text", *.ood, *.oop, *.oos, *.ooc and *.ooi?)
> Once the mimetypes are registered with the IANA this will be part of the
> definition of the mimetypes (IIRC), but has this registration be requested already?
> If yes, with which extensions?
> Or do you think it would be wiser to still use a different extension in each
> office suite? In that case I don't see much point in defining a common
> mimetype name....

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