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Subject: Committee Draft Voting/Open Office Specification Draft 12

Dear TC members,

I've finished the specification draft 12, the one will vote about as 
committee specification. The draft can be found in the TC's document 
section at:


The changes from draft 11 are:
- I've integrated the suggestions from Patrick and David. Please see the 
TC's mailing list for details
- I've fixed three errors in the schema that I've detected during
   the conversion of the RNG schema to the XSD schema:
   1.) On page 240, the table:acceptance-state attribute was mispelled
       and also contained a wrong value list. The list was "row",
       "column" and "none", but has to be "accepted", "rejected" and
       "pending". These errors were introduced while editing the spec.
       The original OOo DTD was correct.
   2.) When renaming the "chart:lines-used" attribute into
       "chart:interpolation" and replacing its numeric value type with
       "none", "cubic-spline" or "b-spline", it has been overseen to
       change the default value from "0" to "none".
   3.) The content of some <pattern> elements was pretty printed. This
       caused confusing white space characters before and behind the
       pattern attribute value in the XSD schema.

I will now create the ballot for committee draft voting. Please note 
that there are special rules for committee draft votings. Please see


for details. The ballot will be open until the end of Friday, March, the 
19th PT.

Best regards


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