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Subject: Re: [office] Committee Draft Voting/Open Office Specification Draft12

Dear TC members,

I forgot to mention that I have also extracted the RNG schemas and 
additionally converted them into to XSD. Both can be found in the TC's 
document section.


Michael Brauer wrote:
> Dear TC members,
> I've finished the specification draft 12, the one will vote about as 
> committee specification. The draft can be found in the TC's document 
> section at:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office/download.php/5888/office-spec-1.0-draft-12.sxw 
> The changes from draft 11 are:
> - I've integrated the suggestions from Patrick and David. Please see the 
> TC's mailing list for details
> - I've fixed three errors in the schema that I've detected during
>   the conversion of the RNG schema to the XSD schema:
>   1.) On page 240, the table:acceptance-state attribute was mispelled
>       and also contained a wrong value list. The list was "row",
>       "column" and "none", but has to be "accepted", "rejected" and
>       "pending". These errors were introduced while editing the spec.
>       The original OOo DTD was correct.
>   2.) When renaming the "chart:lines-used" attribute into
>       "chart:interpolation" and replacing its numeric value type with
>       "none", "cubic-spline" or "b-spline", it has been overseen to
>       change the default value from "0" to "none".
>   3.) The content of some <pattern> elements was pretty printed. This
>       caused confusing white space characters before and behind the
>       pattern attribute value in the XSD schema.
> I will now create the ballot for committee draft voting. Please note 
> that there are special rules for committee draft votings. Please see
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#committee_draft
> for details. The ballot will be open until the end of Friday, March, the 
> 19th PT.
> Best regards
> Michael
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Michael Brauer                                Phone:  +49 40 23646 500
Technical Architect Software Engineering      Fax:    +49 40 23646 550
StarOffice Applications
Star Office Software Entwicklungs GmbH
Sachsenfeld 4
D-20097 Hamburg, Germany                e-mail: michael.brauer@sun.com

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