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Subject: Proposal for Specification Feedback and proposals

Dear TC members,

I had a look at the capabilities of the KAVI system to see if it can 
help us to manage the feedback we get on the committee draft, but also 
the proposals we get for new features.

My first idea was to use KAVI's action item feature. Unfortunately this 
tool requires that action items are assigned to real persons, and it 
also does not allow to have different classes of action items, for 
instance specification feedback that has to be processed on the one 
hand, and proposals on the other hand.

However, what we may do instead is to create new document sections in 
KAVI, one for specification feedback and one for proposals. Since KAVI 
allows to add arbitrary URLs as documents, we may continue to post 
feedback and proposals to the mailing list. The only additional step 
that is required is to add a link to the mail in the mail archive as 
document. As far as I know, all TC members are allowed to do that. This 
is a little overhead, but I think it helpful, because we then see what 
is on our agenda without searching the mail archives.

Once feedback has been processed or a proposal has been agreed, we may 
either delete the document or set its state to accepted.

Please let me know you opnion regarding this proposal

Best regards


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