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Subject: Proposal for table print ranges

Hi all,

since tables in spreadsheet documents have a very large but fixed number 
of rows and columns, it is impossible to print the full tables by 
default. For this reason, spreadsheet application typically allow to 
specify the range or the ranges of a spreadsheet table that shall be 
printed. This feature exists already in the OASIS Open Office format. It 
is represented by the table:print-ranges attribute that can be attached 
to the <table:table> element. This attribute takes a list of cell range 
addresses that shall be printed.

What is not existing so far is an option that specifies that exactly the 
used area of a table should be printed whithout specifying it by a cell 
range. For this reason, I would like to propose to add a 
table:automatic-print-range attribute to the <table:table> element. It 
takes a boolean value and can be used instead of the table:print-ranges 
attribute. If the value is 'true', exactly the used area of the table 
will be printed. If it is 'false', the table will not be printed at all.
If both attributes are not present, then the behavior is application 

Best regards


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