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Subject: Proposal for enhanced cell content validatition

Hi all,

the current specification does not have a feature to specify the content
that is allowed for a cell as an list of possible values. Since this a
feature that is support by several spereadsheet applications, I would
like to propose to enhance the <table:content-validation> element as 

a) the table:condition attribute (that takes an XPath like expression) 
supports the new function "cell-content-is-in-list(List)", where "List" 
is a ";" separated list of string values.
b) a new "table:display-list" attribute, that my have the values "none", 
"unsorted" or "sorted-ascending", specifies whether or not the list of 
possible values is displayed in the UI wile entering a cell value, and 
if so, whether or not the list is sorted.

In fact, a) may not require a specification change, because we did not 
specify what the values of the table:condition attribute should look 
like exactly, but only by example. However, it might be reasonable to 
enhance this example (or maybe to make the example condition syntax 

Best regards


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