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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal for table print ranges

Hi all,

as discussed in our last con call, I would like to revise the original 

First of all, I've checked whether there is already a "table:display" 
attribute that can be used instead of a new attribute to specify wheter 
a table is printed or not. In fact, there is already such an attribute 
within the table style, but not for the <table:table> element itself. 
Since the table:print-range attribute is an attribute of the 
<table:table> element, it seems not to be very reasonable to me to 
extend the table:display attribute contained in the table style, because 
this would have the result that printing of tables is controlled by a 
mixture of style and content information. Moving the print range into 
the style seems also not to be very reasonable to me. Therefor, my 
revised propsoal is as follows:

Rather than adding a table:automatic-print-range, I would like to 
suggest to add a "table:print" attribute. It takes a boolean value. If 
its value is "true", the table is printed, if its value is "false", the 
table is not printed. The default value is "true". The "table:print" 
attribute will be overwritten by the "display" attribute contained in 
the table style. That is, if the table is not displayed, it also will 
not be printed.

If the table is printed, the table range that actually is printed can be 
specified by "table:print-range" attribute. If this attribute is not 
existing, the used area of the table will be printed.

Best regards


Michael Brauer wrote:
> Hi all,
> since tables in spreadsheet documents have a very large but fixed number 
> of rows and columns, it is impossible to print the full tables by 
> default. For this reason, spreadsheet application typically allow to 
> specify the range or the ranges of a spreadsheet table that shall be 
> printed. This feature exists already in the OASIS Open Office format. It 
> is represented by the table:print-ranges attribute that can be attached 
> to the <table:table> element. This attribute takes a list of cell range 
> addresses that shall be printed.
> What is not existing so far is an option that specifies that exactly the 
> used area of a table should be printed whithout specifying it by a cell 
> range. For this reason, I would like to propose to add a 
> table:automatic-print-range attribute to the <table:table> element. It 
> takes a boolean value and can be used instead of the table:print-ranges 
> attribute. If the value is 'true', exactly the used area of the table 
> will be printed. If it is 'false', the table will not be printed at all.
> If both attributes are not present, then the behavior is application 
> dependent.
> Best regards
> Michael
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