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Subject: Working Draft

Hi David,

I've committed the current version of our working draft as 
"oasis/office-spec-sxw" to the www module of the xml project of 
openoffice.org. The URL for the web frontend for this CVS archive is:


Within this folder, you will also find the XSLT stylesheets that extract 
the schemas from the draft. You may register them as XML filters to OOo 1.1.

In case you want to be able to commit a new version of the draft to the 
CVS archive, you have to become a member of the XML project if you 
didn't do so already. In addition to this, I have to assign "content 
developer" rights to you.

The changes I've made (compared to our committee draft) are:

- I've processed Patrick's first typo mail:
- I've corrected the following errors:
   - style:font-size-*, style:font-weight-* and style:font-family-* were
     in the fo namespace..
   - The „style-font-face-attlist“ define sometimes was referenced/named
   - "style:font-adornments" was named "style:font-style-name"
   - "style:text-autospace", "style:punctuation-wrap" and
     "style:linebreak" still were in the define for text attributes
     instead of paragraph attributes
   - „text:outline-level-style-attlist“ sometimes was referenced as
   - "draw:decimal-places" had the wrong type.
   - "draw:display-name" of "draw:fill-image" was in the wrong define
   - „style-graphic-layout-properties“ had to be
   - „fo:min-height“ and „fo:max-height“ were missing in schema for
     graphic attributes.
   - draw:text-box was included twice in content list of text-frame
   - a "choice" was missing in the content of draw:frame
   - draw:a was missing in paragraph content
   - a "choice" was missing in text:page-sequence
   - draw:name was not optional for shapes

I've have marked all changes to the schema with the style "Changed Relax 
NG". I've also marked changes to the text with the style "Changed" if 
these changes were more complex than changing typos.

Best regards


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