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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal: support for image filters

Hi all,

David Faure wrote:

>In kpresenter the filter is stored in the file, and is applied when reopening the document, which allows to change the filter's parameters, or to revert to the initial image. KPresenter currently supports applying only one filter, but let's make this ready for improvements and model a way to apply multiple filters.

That's a nice feature. :-)

>Our proposal is the following:
> <style:image-filters>
>   <style:image-filter style:image-filter-name="intensity" style:image-filter-value="10%">
>    ...
> </style:image-filters>

In general I agree with your proposal. I did receive one comment from 
our graphics team, which I fully support: SVG appears to support 
something very similar, so we should align our proposal with SVG, or at 
least there should be a good reason why this would not make sense.

On a first look at SVG, the SVG filter effects appear to be more vector 
oriented, while your list you contains more of the traditional pixel 
image enhancement operations (like sharpen or despeckle). Still, there's 
some common ground. The pertinent SVG chapter is: 


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