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Subject: Re: [office] Spec: clarification of "restart numbering" feature.

Hi all,

my action item was to clarify how restart numbering works.

In OOo, it currently works as follows:
- text:start-value restarts the numbering of the _current_ level with 
the given number.
- This affects enclosed lists, in that their numbering is restarted with 
a upper-level list item anyway.
- List numbering and outline numbering behave identically.
- text:restart-numbering appears not to be implemented.
- There is a UI feature to restart list numbering. This causes the list 
(in XML) to be split in two, which restarts the numbering at all levels.

I'm not quite sure what to make of it... The above implementation seems 
consistent and useful, at least. :-)

What to do with? The text:restart-numbering as described can be achieved 
by just starting a new list; that is possible, but doesn't seem to make 
to much sense. What would make sense is to use it like text:start-value, 
except that the starting value is taken from the list style (and not 
explicitly given); this would require changing the spec. Or it could be 



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