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Subject: Proposal/clarification for "draw:opacity"

Dear TC members,

The currrent specification contains a graphic property called 
"draw:opacity". This property actually has two purposes

a) It specifies the opacity of the fill area of a drawing object. That's 
described in section 14.14.2. (The specification uses the term graphic 
objects instead of drawing object. I think that's a typo that should be 
b) It specifies the opacity of the bitmap used by an image shape. This 
is specified in section 14.17.9.

Unfortunately, this definition is ambiguous, because an image object in 
fact can contain a background in addition to the bitmap data. This means 
opacity of the bitmap data and the background cannot be controlled 

I suggest to resolve this issue by renaming the attribute specified in 
section 14.17.9 to "draw:image-opacity".

Best regards


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