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Subject: Proposal: position attributes for annotantions

Hi all,

our specification already contains an <office:annotation> element for 
annotations to text and spreadsheet content (section 12.1).

While this element allows to specify annotation text including 
formatting properties, it currently does not contain any attributes that 
can be used to influence how the annotation is displayed. Since 
annotations usually are displayed similar to caption drawing shapes 
(section 9.2.9), I would like to propose to add the caption drawing 
shape's attributes to the <office:annotation> element. However, all the 
new attributes are optional.

In addition to this, I would like to propose to support lists within an 
annotation's text:

<define name="office-annotation">
   <element name="office:annotation">
     <ref name="office-annotation-attlist"/>
     <!-- new optional attributes start here -->
     <ref name="draw-caption-attlist"/>
     <ref name="common-draw-position-attlist"/>
     <ref name="common-draw-size-attlist"/>
     <ref name="common-draw-shape-with-text-and-styles-attlist"/>	
     <!-- new optional attributes end here -->
       <ref name="dc-creator"/>
       <ref name="dc-date"/>
       <ref name="meta-date-string"/>
         <ref name="text-p"/>
         <! --- text-list is new -->
         <ref name="text-list"/>

Best regards


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