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Subject: Spec: Some errata

Dear TC members,

please find below a list of some errors and typos I've found in the 
committee draft:

4.1.3 Common Paragraph Elements Attributes
In the schema, the value of text:class-names has to be "styleNames"
rather than "styleName".

In addition to this, "text:cond-style-name" is called
"style:cond-style-name" in the schema.

7.12.8 Example of an Index Entry Configuration
The example contains <text:index-entry-chapter-number> elements. These 
have to be <text:index-entry-chapter> elements.

9.1.3 Layer
The heading of the section regarding "draw:display" is "Protection", but
has to be "Display".

14.5.13 Hyphenation Keep
fo:hyphenation-keep is misspelled in the schema as fo:hyphenate-keep.

14.5.25 Paragraph Background Image
The description mentions that the element can be empty (this specifyies 
that there is no background image), but the choice "<empty/>" is missing 
in the schema.

14.5.36 Vertical Alignment
The schema for style:vertical-align contains an obsolete
value "centered".

14.7.6 Protect
Like any other formatting property, "style:protect" has to be optional.
In other words, an "<optional>" is missing in the schema.

I've corrected all above issues for the next draft.

Best regards


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