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Subject: Propsal: numbered paragraphs/headings without number

Dear TC members,

some time ago we agreed

a) to add a <text:numbered paragraph> element that represents a single 
numbered paragraph (section 4.3.4), and
b) to support multiple outline styles for headings (<text:h>, section 
4.1.1), that is, a heading may reference arbitrary list styles by its 
paragraph style, and only if it does not reference any list style, the 
outline style is used.

What we have overseen for both situations is that some office 
applications have a feature where a paragraph or heading actually has a 
list style assigned but gets no number. Such paragraphs and headings are 
formatted like being in a list, that is, they get the margins and text 
indent specified in the list style, but no number is displayed in front 
of it, and the number counter associated with a list style is not 

For paragraphs contained in a list <(text:list> element, section 4.3), 
this situation is covered by the <text:list-header> element (section 
4.3.3). For paragraphs repesented by a <text:numbered-paragraph> element 
and headings, no solution exists so far. For this reason, I Would like 
to propose to add a "text:is-numbered" attribute to both, the 
<text:numbered-paragarph> and the <text:h> element, that specifies 
whether the paragarph or heading gets a number. The attribute gets a 
boolean value. The default value is "true".


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