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Subject: Update on going to ISO


I checked with the members of V1 (the US national committee to JTC 1, 
SC34) on the route to take the OpenOffice OASIS specification to ISO.

OASIS is a full liason to SC34 so once the OpenOffice is in the proper 
format, it can go directly to DIS (Draft International Standard stage).

Re-formatting will be required. Same experience as RELAX-NG, which also 
went from an OASIS to ISO in SC34. I have been told there were a number 
of transformation stylesheets prepared in connection with that effort, 
but I suspect they will be guidance as to what we need to do, since the 
OpenOffice specification is in OpenOffice format.

Both Jim Mason, convenor of SC34 (was around pre-SGML and following) as 
well as Jon Bosak thought that SC34 would be a good place for the 
OpenOffice Format Specification.

I think you can count on the support of the rest of V1 in terms of 
assisting in sheparding the OpenOffice Specification through the ISO 

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Patrick Durusau
Director of Research and Development
Society of Biblical Literature
Chair, V1 - Text Processing: Office and Publishing Systems Interface
Co-Editor, ISO 13250, Topic Maps -- Reference Model

Topic Maps: Human, not artificial, intelligence at work!

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