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Subject: Proposal: draw aspect graphic properties

Dear TC members,

our specification already contains graphic properties that specify the 
visible area of embedded objects, that is, the position and size of the 
rectangle that is currently visible. The properties that specify this 
visible area are "draw:visible-area-left", "draw:visible-area-top", 
"draw:visible-area-width" and "draw:visible-area-height". They are 
mainly used for OLE objects, where it is the embedding application that 
has to maintain that information.

Another important information that is required when embedding OLE 
objects is the draw aspect that is used to display the object. The draw
aspect controls whether the object is displayed as a normal sub 
document, or whether the object is for instance displayed as an icon 
only. Within the OLE API, the draw aspect is an unsigned integer value 
that the host application passes to the object when it requests its 
presentation. This means that it is the embedding application that has 
to maintain the draw aspect, but not the OLE object itself.

To be able to store the draw aspect within office documents, I suggest 
to add a draw:ole-draw-aspect graphic property to our specification that 
takes a non negative integer value. This property has only a meaning for 
objects that are embedded using the OLE API. In this case, it's value 
specifies a default value for method calls that require a drawing 
aspect. The interpretation of this integer value is left to the OLE 
object's discretion and not part of our specification.

Best regards


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