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Subject: Proposal: form:xforms-list-source

Hi all,

I have a an addendum to the XForms proposal which we agreed on earlier. 
In said proposal, we used the W3C XForms model, and add matched our 
controls to it. I noticed the XForms list-type controls have one 
particular that I would like to support, which are not in the current 
specification: Data-dependent lists. The idea is that a list control 
lets you select one (or multiple) elements out of a list of options. It 
can be very useful to dynamically create this list of choices. The 
proposal is to let list content of list controls be bound to XForms 
bindings, just like the regular content of all other controls can be bound.

More specifically, I propose to add an attribute form:xforms-list-source 
to list controls. The attribute references an xforms:bind element 
(already specified), and generates one list entry for each node in the 
nodeset defined by that attribute.


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