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Subject: Working Draft 15

Dear TC members,

I've uploaded draft 15 of our specification.

The OpenOffice.org developers did some validation tests with the new 
OASIS Open Office filter in the OpenOffice.org application and the 
schema contained in draft 14. They found the following errors in the 
schema that I've fixed in draft 15:

- section 7.8.1 alphabetical index source: In the schema for
"text:alphabetical-index-source" the RNG <element> element was completly
missing. For consistency, I've also renamed the define for the 
attributes from
"text-index-entry-attr" to "text-index-entry-source-attr".

- section 7.12.1 chapter information: The "text:display" attribute has
to be optional (or at least there are very good reasons to make it
optional). Reason: The <text:index-entry-chapter> element has been
merged from the <text:index-entry-chapter> and
<text:index-entry-chapter-number> elements of the OOo specification.
<text:index-entry-chapter> either displays a chapter number, the chapter
text, or both. This is controled by the "text:display" attribute.
<text:index-entry-chapter-number> displays the chapter number only and
has no "text:display" attribute. In the OASIS Open Office format, the
<text:index-entry-chapter> element has to used instead of
<text:index-entry-chapter-number>. Therefor, it seems to be very
reasonable to make the "text:display" attribute optional and add the
default value "number".

- section 8.5.3 Table Cell Content Validation: "table:message-type" was
missipelled "table:type".

- section 8.6 Database ranges: "database" was sometimes misspelled as

- section 8.6.1 Object Index Source: "text:use-other-objects" was
missing inthe schema.

- section 8.7.1 Table Filter: "table:display-duplicates" was misspelled

- section 8.8.5 Data Pilot Level: "table:show-empty" was misspelled

- section 9.2.7 Circle: The value type of "draw:start-angle" and
"draw:end-angle" has to be "double" rather than
"nonNegativeIntegerValue", because there is no reason why the start and
end angle of an arc should be resticted to integer values.

- section 14.12.3 Table Row Styles: The family name "table-row" was
misspelled as "table row".

- section 14.16 Chart styles: The various <style:*-properties> elements
that can be contained in a <style:style> element with family "chart"
were contained in a single "<optional>", but obviously each of these
elements requires its own "<optional>".

- section 15.7.1 Section background: The reference to
"style-background-image" was contained in the definition of
"style-section-properties-attlist" rather than

- section 15.36.4 Transition Type or Family: The "smil-type" attribute
has to be optional, because it is conatined in a
<style:graphic-properties> element.

- section 16.1 Data Types: The definition of "vector3D" required space
characters immediately after the opening "(" and before the closing ")".

- The custom shape proposal we agreed recently contained an error in the
specification, because it specified the "draw:secondary-fill-color"
attribute within a define named "attlist-properties". I thought to have
corrected that by moving the attribute in the
draw-enhanced-geometry-attlist", but in fact, the
"draw:secondary-fill-color" is a graphics formatting property and
belongs into the "style-graphic-properties-attlist" definition. Because
of this, I've also moved the attribute decription into the section
"15.14 Fill properties".

In addition to these corrections, I've added the form:xforms-list-source
attribute the approved last week.

The OpenOffice.org team found some more issues that I will post in a 
separate mail.

Best regards


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