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Subject: Re: [office] Errata Draft 14

Hi David,

first of all, I agree that integrating the list style into the graphic 
properties is not a very nice solution. However, if the file format 
should cover the situation how bullet lists are used within presentation 
applications, this seems to be required. Here, a graphic style defines 
some kind of template for the bullets to be used within the drawing 
objects that gets this style assigned. Putting the bullet list 
definitions into a separate <text:list-style> element next to the 
graphic style's <style:style> element does not work, because then the 
list style would have to appear as style in the user interface. 
Referencing automatic styles from user interface style (or common) 
styles is not allowed by the format, so the only option seems to be to 
include the list style into the graphic style.

However, maybe it is an option to include only the 
<text:list-style-level-style-*> elements into the graphic style. This 
way, the situation would not appear as a list style contained in a 
graphic style, but as a graphic style that contains list level 
definition in the same way as a list style.

Some more comments are inline.

David Faure wrote:
> Hello Michael,
> Impressive list of fixes :)
> [...]
>>A7) The boolean "text:enable-numbering" paragraph property is missing 
>>(would go into section 15.5. It controls whether a paragraph contain in 
>>a draing object is numbered. See also B2).
> Do you mean "a paragraph contained in a drawing object"? Why is a separate


> boolean needed for those, given that there are already ways to control whether
> paragraphs should be numbered or not? (both at the paragraph level and at the
> style level)  [more on this issue under B2]

The problem is that it can be controlled within a derived graphics style 
whether the bullet list defined in graphics style actually is applied or 
not. The concepts we have so far allow only to switch on and off the 
numbering within paragraphs themselves, but not within styles.

>>Class B issues
>>B1) "style:writing-mode" should also be an attribute of
>>"<style:table-properties>" and "<style:section-properties>".
> OK
>>B2) A graphic style may contain a full list style, that is
>><text:list-style> may be contained in a <style:graphic-properties>
>>element. The reason is that graphic styles in presentation documents may
>>include the definition of list styles that are applied to the text of
>>for instance a text box. These list styles do not appear in the UI as a
>>style of its own, but are a simple setting of a graphic style. Since 
>>real styles may not reference automatic styles, it is required to
>>include the list style settings in the graphic style itself. A
>><text:list-style> contained in a <style:graphic-properties> element must
>>not have a <text:name> attribute.
>>Whether the list style is applied to a certain paragraph that is
>>contained in a drawing object is controlled by the
>>"text:enable-numbering" property described in A7).
> Surely this text must have a real style:style too (user-defined or automatic),
> to define its formatting. Why isn't the list-style taken from that style, as usual?
> It seems strange to me to have a specific mechanism for (lists in) a text box
> when there is already a flexible mechanism for the general case...
> You mention "real styles can't reference automatic styles". Yes, but how
> is "this graphic style includes bullets" different from saying 
> "this graphic style includes a font of size 20"?

The font size would be included in the <style:text-properties> element 
contained in the graphic style's <style:style> element. That is, the 
font size would be specified in exactly the same way as it is now 
proposed to define bullet list information. The only difference is that 
the font size is an attribute, while the list style is an element.

> I wonder if it wouldn't be simpler to not include anything text related in
> the graphics style, and use a usual style for that instead.

This won't work, because graphic styles usually contain some text 
formatting properties in addition to real graphic properties, but these 
text formatting properties are no separate style objects.

>>one may add the full
>><style:text-properties> element to the <style:list-level-style-*>
>>elements in addition to <style:list-level-properties>.
> OK
>>C2) To cover this situation, an additional attribute "text:use-outline-level" 
>>is required.
> OK


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