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Subject: Working Draft 16

Dear TC members,

I've uploaded Working Draft 16. It contains the changes we agreed in the
last meeting as well as the corrections of the following error that I
have found during the integration of the changes

section 6.5.1 Database Field Data Source: When adding the
<form:connection-resource> child element to database field elements it
has been overseen that the text:database-name attribute has to become

section 9.2 Drawing shapes: The <draw:custom-shape> element we
introduced recently was missing in the definition of "draw-shapes".

section 9.2.12 Control: The definition of <draw:control> referenced
"common-draw-shape-with-styles-attlist", but has to reference
"common-draw-shape-with-text-and-styles". The difference is that the
later define adds the draw:text-style-name attribute to <draw:control>
that was existing in the OOo DTD already but got lost.

section 9.6.1 common presentation shape attributes: in the defintion of
"draw-classes", the value handout got lost compared to the OOo DTD.

section 9.7.1 sound: The attribute "xslink:show" got lost compared to
the OOo DTD.

section 10.4 Legend position: The description of this section ended with 
a incomplete sentence.

section 14.4.2 presentation notes: The "style:page-layout-name"
attribute wasn't optional any longer.

Best regards


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