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Subject: Open Office XML?


Ramping up for a proofing round on the latest (version 16) of the 
specification and I have a general question:

Beginning in the introduction there are numerous references to "Open 
Office XML."

That seems awkward to me as in some cases the reference is clearly to 
the "Open Office specification."  Or to an "Open Office document." (In 
some cases there is "Open Office XML document," which seems rather 
redundant. If it is an Open Office document, it is of necessity an XML 

This may seem like a rather minor point but when reading 600+ pages, 
anything that is less than clear or makes reading more difficult, should 
be avoided.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Patrick Durusau
Director of Research and Development
Society of Biblical Literature
Chair, V1 - Text Processing: Office and Publishing Systems Interface
Co-Editor, ISO 13250, Topic Maps -- Reference Model

Topic Maps: Human, not artificial, intelligence at work!

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