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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Public Comment


I've changed the wording of the paragraph in question to

"In conformance with the W3C XML specification [XML1.0], optional 
white-space characters that are contained in elements that have element 
content (in other words that must contain elements only but not text) 
are ignored. This applies to the following white-space and end-of-line 
(EOL) Unicode characters:"

Best regards


Michael Brauer wrote:
> Hi,
> comment-form@oasis-open.org wrote:
>> Comment from: elharo@metalab.unc.edu
>> I'm not sure what the current status of the OpenOffice format draft 
>> is. I.e. is it final or not? However, I did find a clear mistake in it 
>> that's worth an erratum if it is final, and perhaps some rethinking if 
>> it isn't.
>> Section 1.6 states:
>> The W3C XML specification [XML1.0]requires that white-space characters 
>> are ignored for elements that have element content, in other words 
>> that contain elements but not text. 
> You are right. The term "requires" might be to strong here. Maybe we 
> should use a term like "advises" instead.
>> In fact, the XML 1.0 specification requires no such thing. In fact, it 
>> requires exactly the opposite:
>> An XML processor MUST always pass all characters in a document that 
>> are not markup through to the application. A  validating XML processor 
>> MUST also inform the application which of these characters constitute 
>> white space appearing in element content.
>> An application such as OpenOffice is under no obligation to ignore 
>> this white space. It may do so if it chooses. However, the XML spec 
>> does not use the word "ignore" here. That's something that snuck in 
>> through SAX.
> Again, you are right. An application may or may not ignore white space 
> characters appearing in elements that have element content, but I think 
> the intention of the XML specification in fact is that such white space 
> characters are ignored. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a requirement to
> "inform the application which of these characters constitute white space 
> appearing in element content".
>> I am just beginning to read the spec, and I am not sure what effect 
>> this incorrect belief may have had on the design of the appplication. 
>> Possibly it's minor. Possibly it's not. However, the claim that the 
>> XML specification requires this, is simply wrong and should be removed 
>> from the OpenOffice spec. 
> There is no impact on the design of applications. White space characters 
> in elements that have element content are ignored, regardless whether 
> this is required by the XML specifiaction or whetehr the XML 
> specification only pemits this.
> Thank you very much for your comment reagrding the specification document.
> Best regards
> Michael
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