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Subject: Re: [office] Style of specification question


Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Greetings,
> While checking a see/see also reference it occurred to me that the 
> current version of the manual does not have hyperlinks for see and see 
> also references.

Actually, the references that refer to other sections within the
documement are reference fields. In OpenOffice.org, they behave like
hyperlinks, but are not displayed as such and I'm not aware of a
possibility to change that. Unfortunately turning them into "real"
hyperlinks won't work as well, because for hyperlinks the chapter
numbers would not be updated when the chaper numbers change.

For references to other documents, like XSL, one could of course turn
the ža.b into an hyperlink. Given the amount of work, I think we should
do that for a later version of our specification.


> Not really a content of the specification question so may not need 
> extended discussion now but I would find the specification more useable 
> with such hyperlinks. Perhaps this should be a post-final version activity.
> Hope everyone is having a great day!
> Patrick

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