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Subject: Working Draft 18

Dear TC members,

I've uploaded Working Draft 18. It contains the changes we agreed in the
last meeting as well as the following change:

- Most of the feedback Patrick provided.
- section 12.2.2 (Number) Format specification: The style:num-format
attribute specifies the number format that is used to displayed numbers
within lists. The value has been taken over from XSLT. When defining the
schema for this attribute, we have overseen that it not only takes
predefined values like "a", "1", or "i", but may also take arbitrary
tokens that represent number formats used in CJK languages. For that
reason, I've added "string" as an addition value type to the schema.
I've also noticed that the attribute was called "text:num-format" rather
than "style:num-format" several times. I've changed that as well.

Best regards


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