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Subject: Proposal for more statistics

I was asked to submit the following proposal:

Is it possible to extend meta:document-statistic in order to add the following items?

"text:frame-count" - number of (visible) frames (draw:frame elements)

"text:sentence-count" - number of sentences in the document (for text and presentation documents)

"text:syllable-count" - number of syllables into document (approximatively, of course).

"text:character-without-space-count" - number of characters without space (or tabs)
(should this be e.g. "character-count-nospaces" for better English?)

David Faure, faure@kde.org, sponsored by Trolltech to work on KDE,
Konqueror (http://www.konqueror.org), and KOffice (http://www.koffice.org).

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