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Subject: [office] Working Draft 19

Dear TC members,

I've uploaded Working Draft 19. I have intgrated Patrick's feedback. In
addition this, I have used Sun's Multi Schema Validator (MSV, see
http://wwws.sun.com/software/xml/developers/multischema/) in addition to
jing for validation. It found the following errors/inconsistencies in
our schema that I have corrected:

4.3.4 Numbered Paragraphs:
- The attribute "text:level" of "<text:numbered-paragraph>" had an
default value but was not optional.

9.5.1 Enhanced Geometry:
- The attribute "draw:type" of "<draw:enhanced-geometry>" had an default
value but was not optional.
- The opening '(' and closing ')' were missing in the default values of
"draw:extrusion-first-light-direction" and
"draw:extrusion-second-light-direction" of"<draw:enhanced-geometry>"
- The data type of "draw:path-stretchpoint-x" and
"draw:path-stretchpoint-y" of "<draw:enhanced-geometry>" was
"coordinate" but has to be "double". Because of this, it didn't match to
the default value.

9.9 Presentation Events
- The default value of "xlink:show" of "<presentation:event-listener>"
was misspelled as "emebed", but has to be "embed".

11.5.21 Relative Image Position
- The full attribute list defined in
"common-form-relative-image-position-attlist" was optional, and then
contained a choice between the non-optional attribute
"form:image-position" that had a default value, and some other optional
and non-optional attributes. While this is not really wrong, it seems to
be clearer to define this attribute list as a choice between the
optional "form:image-position" attribute, and the remaining attributes.

13.1.4 Animate Color
- The <draw:animateColor> element was called <draw:animateMotion> in the

15.5.11 Tab Stops
Similar to 11.5.21: The "style-tab-stop-attlist" definition contained an
optional choice between non optional attributes having default values.
Achoice between oiptional and non optional attributes seems to be much

In addition to this, I've corrected:

14.9.1 Linenumbering Configuration
- The text:restart-on-page" attribute was called
"text:restart-numbering" in the  schema. This was wrong in the OOo DTD
already, but correct in the OOo specification.

Best regards


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