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Subject: Re: [office] "you can"

Hi Tom,

Tom Magliery wrote:
> hello all,
> i had a look at the "you can" occurrences in draft 19, and i will start
> editing with chapters 1-6.  i think i can do these over the next couple
> of days.  if anyone wants to start on other sections, let me know;
> otherwise if i finish these and have more time, i will keep going.
> btw, it looks like roughly half the occurrences (based on a quick scan)
> are of the exact same type:
> "The attributes that you can associate with the <something> element are:
>   * My-attribute-1
>   * My-attribute-2
>   * My-attribute-3
> "
> this realization effectively cuts the overall project size in half.

Great. I've counted 153 occurencies of "The attributes that you can",
plus 6 times "The attributes you can", plus ten times the "The attribute
that you can", one time "The only attribute that you can". I'm sure
there are some other sentences like this.

Tom, are you replacing the occurencies of "The attributes you can" by
search and replace? If yes, it might be reasonable to replace them in
the full document first before starting with the other chapters, so that
we don't have to care about them there.

I think I can take over chapters 7 to 10, starting tomorrow morning at
8am CET (= today 11pm PDT). Tom, in case you did a global replace of the
"The attributes you can" sentences for the full spec, can you please
send me that version of the spec so that I can work on that.

If you didn't globally replace the sentences, what is the sentence you
used instead?



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