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Subject: RE: [office] "you can"

> Tom, are you replacing the occurencies of "The attributes you can" by
> search and replace? If yes, it might be reasonable to replace them in
> the full document first before starting with the other 
> chapters, so that
> we don't have to care about them there.

i was not planning to do global search and replace.  i thought this
might be a convenient opportunity to cross-verify each of these
statements against the DTD.  i.e., if this section says there are 4
attributes on the <foo> element, i will actually check to see if there
are 4 attributes on the <foo> element.  i guess i might change my mind
if this turns out to be too time-consuming.

> If you didn't globally replace the sentences, what is the sentence you
> used instead?

i am not fully decided about this.  i'm reading through the spec and
thinking about it.  i think i am seeing some other inconsistencies in
structure around these paragraphs for which i may want to suggest
rewording...but i want to first convince myself that there really is an
i'll send a progress update before i quit today.


<b>TOM MAGLIERY</b>  XML Technology Specialist
604.697.8705  mag@blastradius.com
<b>BLAST RADIUS</b>  XMetaL  <http://www.xmetal.com/>

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