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Subject: RE: [office] "you can"

hello all,

i have rewritten all occurrences *except one* of the words "you" and
"your" from chapters 1 through 10 of the spec (working from michael's
newer draft from yesterday).  this includes not only "you can" but also
a few scattered others.  i'll send the revised document straight to
michael because i don't know if i can upload a draft myself.

the one occurrence i did not change -- but we should -- is at the bottom
of page 370.  i think my brain is too addled this late in the day to
figure out a reasonable rewording of this paragraph.  maybe i'll be able
to think more clearly later, or maybe someone else can beat me to it.

i will probably not be in the office tomorrow, but i can pick up again
wherever things are left off on friday.


<b>TOM MAGLIERY</b>  XML Technology Specialist
604.697.8705  mag@blastradius.com
<b>BLAST RADIUS</b>  XMetaL  <http://www.xmetal.com/>

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Michael Brauer [mailto:Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM] 
> Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 8:08 AM
> To: Tom Magliery
> Cc: office
> Subject: Re: [office] "you can"
> Tom, all
> I've uploaded a temporary working draft that contains the progress I
> made in remving "you can" today at:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office/download.p
> hp/10246/office-spec.sxw
>  Magliery wrote:
> Actually, I have replaced the following terms starting with section 7.
> "The attributes that you can associate"
> "The attributes you can associate"
> "The attributes you can use"
> -> "The attributes that may be associated"
> "The attribute that you can associate"
> "The only attribute that you can associate"
> -> "The only attribute that may be associated"
> "The elements that you can include"
> -> "The elements that my be included"
> As suggested by Tim, I've checked the the attribute list 
> match with the
> descriptions that follow.
> I've also rewrote the remaining sentences that contain "you can" in
> chapters 7, 8, 9 and in the beginning of chapter 10.
> If you plan to do some editing work, please switch to the new draft.
> Thanks
> Michael
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