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Subject: Re: [office] "you can"

Hi Tom ,all.

Tom Magliery wrote:

> hello all,
> i have rewritten all occurrences *except one* of the words "you" and
> "your" from chapters 1 through 10 of the spec (working from michael's
> newer draft from yesterday).  this includes not only "you can" but also
> a few scattered others.  i'll send the revised document straight to
> michael because i don't know if i can upload a draft myself.

I have continued with chapter 11 and I'm now somewhere in chapter 15. I
have replaced:

"You can use this attribute with" (the following elements)
-> "This attribute is supported for" (the following elements)

"You can use the following elements with"
-> "The following elements may be contained in"

I've also replaced many other occurencies of "you". Unfortunately I'm
not able to upload the document, because I don't get a connection to the
OASIS member page. I will try again tomorrow.

Tom, I know you probably will not be in the office today, but I will
send you the document anyway, just to make sure you have it.


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