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Subject: Re: [office] "you can"

Hi Tom, all,

I've continued with rewriting the "you can" sentences. They should be
rewritten upto section 15.11.1 now. I've marked all changes that were
not trivial with a yellow background color. I've also changed the title
to draft 20. The draft is at


I've also rewritten the "Defining Axes" section. In fact, it turned out
that most of this section was obsolete, because it explained the usage
of the "chart:axis-class" attribute that has been replaced by the
"chart:dimension" attribute that needs much less explanation. I've moved
everything that was not obsolete into the description of the
"chart:dimension" attribute. The only exception is the example, that I
kept were it was. Since I've noticed that the example itself was wrong
as well (it described the "chart:axis-class" attribute), I've adapted it
as well.

In addition to these changes, I've integrated the statistics proposal we
agreed on Monday.

Tom, I will not be able to do any additional editing before Monday, so
if you have some time left for editing, you may take the draft.


Michael Brauer wrote:
> Hi Tom ,all.
> Tom Magliery wrote:
>>hello all,
>>i have rewritten all occurrences *except one* of the words "you" and
>>"your" from chapters 1 through 10 of the spec (working from michael's
>>newer draft from yesterday).  this includes not only "you can" but also
>>a few scattered others.  i'll send the revised document straight to
>>michael because i don't know if i can upload a draft myself.
> I have continued with chapter 11 and I'm now somewhere in chapter 15. I
> have replaced:
> "You can use this attribute with" (the following elements)
> -> "This attribute is supported for" (the following elements)
> "You can use the following elements with"
> -> "The following elements may be contained in"
> I've also replaced many other occurencies of "you". Unfortunately I'm
> not able to upload the document, because I don't get a connection to the
> OASIS member page. I will try again tomorrow.
> Tom, I know you probably will not be in the office today, but I will
> send you the document anyway, just to make sure you have it.
> Michael
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