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Subject: Draft 21, was Re: [office] no more "you"


Tom Magliery wrote:
> i did a final pass through the spec and reworded the last of the "you"
> language.  i encountered no difficulties.  i will email my changes to
> michael.

Thanks for all the editing work!

I've integrated the change and the fraction proposal today and have
uplaoded the new draft as draft 21.

I've also noticed that the spec contained different styles for bullet
lists (different bullets and different indents) as well as different
table alignements. I've changed both, so if I haven't overseen anything,
the same bullet list style is used in the full spec and all tables
either are as width as the page, or if this is not the case, use the
same indentation.

I didn't do many checks on the resulting schema today because I wanted
to upload the spec as soon as possible. I will do these checks tomorrow.


> i had hoped this week to do a read through the spec along the lines of
> patrick's thorough, careful readings...but today i was given an extra
> project with a deadline of thursday that may take up all my time.  i'll
> see...
> mag

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