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Subject: TC name: proposal for name change

Dear TC members,

when we discussed and agreed the new specification name, we also
discussed that it might be reasonable to change the TC name, but agreed
to concentrate on the standardization process first. Therefor, we moved
the TC name change to a later phase. However, Mary McRae pointed out to
me that we run into problems with the "tc:opendocument" ids contained in
our namespace URIs if we don't change our TC name before we submit our
committee draft for standardization, because the namespace URIs must
match the TC name. I therefor would like to propose to change our TC's
name to

OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) TC

This name does not only match our specification name, but also uses the
same name pattern as many other TC's (like UBL or XACL), that also have
a more or less long and verbose name with a short name in parenthesis.

As an option, we could also revert our namespace URIs to contain
"tc:openoffice" again. However, this would not only mean that the
namespace URIs don't match to the specification name, but also that the
namespace URIs would change again if we agree on a TC name change after
the standardization of our specification. For these reasons, changing
the TC name now seems to be a much better option, at least for me.

Best regards, and a happy holidays season.


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