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Subject: [office] Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Minutes 10-Jan-05

JANUARY, THE 10TH, 2005, 4PM GMT – 4:30PM GMT

Michael Brauer <michael.brauer@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems
Gary Edwards <garyedwards@yahoo.com>
David Faure <faure@kde.org>
Tom Magliery <tom.magliery@blastradius.com>, Blast Readius
Lars Oppermann <lars.oppermann@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems

Acceptance of Minutes of the December, the 20th meeting
- The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes.
- There were no minutes for the call on January 3rd, since not
enough people attended

Action Items
Lars: clarify mimetype registration with OASIS staff contact
   - in progress, contacted OASIS staff and submitted registration
Michael: contact OASIS about logo rules
   - in progress

Status of OpenDocument Specification
Since the spec. has passed committee voting, it is now subject to public 
TC members should try to find implementors of applications that are 
using the OpenDocument format who can certify that they hav successfull 
implemented the format when the spec is submitted to OASIS.

Comments on Spec
A comment was submitted concerning the inclusen of a grammar for 
spreadsheet formulas which conforming implementations should support.
While we think that having interoperability on that level would be of 
great benefit to users, we do not belive that this is in the scope of 
the current specification. Especially since it is not specificaly 
related to the actual XML format the specification describes.
The TC will work on a solution concerning the documentation of 
interoperabilty standards that go beyond what is defined in the 
The submitted grammar should be published on the TC web pages.

New Action Items
Everybody: find implementors

Lars Oppemann

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