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Subject: Re: [office] Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Minutes 7-Feb-05

Hi all,

Lars Oppermann wrote:

> FEBRUARY, THE 7TH, 2005, 4PM GMT – 5:00PM GMT


> 5.1 Use of Forign Namespaces (SVG)
> Various people have commented on OpenDocuments use of other namespaces, 
> when the respective schemas are not defining attrivutes that are reused 
> in OpenDocument in a globaly visible namespace. OpenDocuments design 
> choice to add those attributes (e.g. svg:width) in the namespace of the 
> containing specification can be viewed as namespace pollution.
> The TC has thus decided to use a 'container-namespace' which holds 
> anonymous attributes from other specifications that are not available 
> outside of their respective elements.
> This an example of a container namespace:
> urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:svg-compatibility:1.0
> This will be used for xsl-fo too, in the xforms case we will discuss the 
> issue with the respective w3c group

We are also have overseen that we are using SMIL as well, so we should
discuss what we do with this namespace on Monday.

> 5.2 Formula Syntax
> The TC aknowledges the benefits of an open formula specification for 
> spreadsheets as proposed by David A. Wheeler and others. This however 
> should be an additional effort and is outside the current scope of this 
> TC. David has started an 'OpenFormula' effort which we hope he will 
> coordinate with the developers at OpenOffice, KOffice and other 
> OpenDocument applications.

Where is a comment regarding the use of ',' and ';' as function
parameter delimiter that we may also want to discuss on Monday:



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