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Subject: Re: OASIS OpenDocument:

Hi Carol,

A couple of things.  First of all thanks for responding.   My Open Desktop Summit presentation was on behalf of OpenOffice.org.  The OASIS OpenDocument file format specification is a topic that everyone wants to know more about.  In spite of the time limitations though, everything went very well. For sure this is an issue of great expectations, lots of controversy, and few known facts.

Regarding the "logo".  The only two issues remaining seem to be that of compliance, and continuing questions about mounting the OASIS Logo against different colored backgrounds.

First, the easy question: Many of the OpenOffice.org presentations, as well as those of the many affiliates re packaging OOo components, use backgrounds other than white. The question most asked is that of getting OASIS permission to alter the color scheme of the logo to better contrast with background variations? Is there a policy or graphic guidelines for this? Or does OASIS stick to a white button look against the many possible backgrounds?

The issue of compliance is of greater concern. Are there other OASIS TC's that have successfully dealt with the compliance issue? We were thinking that perhaps you might be able to refer us to those groups, or otherwise advise as to how we might best proceed.

The OpenOffice.org community has volunteered a “compliance” solution based on the communities experience tracking and enforcing marketplace compliance with the OOo license. As you might know, there are many vendors and service providers repackaging OOo components for resale and distribution.

The suggestion is that OOo, KOffice, and Debian community members would form a market watch group that checks for logo implementation and exacting compliance with the specification. The market group would identify implementations, and contact the owners for basic compliance information. The OASIS OpenDocument TC would provide the market watch group with simplified testing criteria designed to throw red flags based on general concerns.

In the event of a red flag, the market watch group would forward the issue to the OpenDocument TC for further study. If needed, the TC would notify owners that a study is under way and that there might be some concerns with compliance.

A TC initiated finding of non compliance would trigger a grace period where the vendor/owner would be able to remedy any discrepancies, based on TC and OSS community comments. During that time, the TC would require that all advertising and promotion materials put out by that vendor state something on the order of “compliance certification pending”. Once compliance is affirmed, consent for using the logo would be provided.

That's the simple outline of what is being discussed. We welcome any suggestions you might have. And if you do have time to join our weekly conference, that would be most welcome.

We have already seen the compliance issue raised in the EU. Claims and accusations were being tossed about with wild abandon. The fact that the OASIS OpenDocument standard has made it's way into EU purchase cycle requirements is significant, but this is just the beginning. Compliance is no longer an idle issue, and we need to come up with an approach that works for OASIS and, the many future users of the OpenDocument file format specification.

Thanks for your consideration Carol,


Gary Edwards

OpenOffice.org volunteer serving on the OASIS OpenDocument XML file format TC.

Carol Geyer wrote:
First, I appreciate your kind offer to create a logo, but OASIS does have a mark that we use to brand all approved OASIS Standards.  See attached examples for UDDI and SAML. Michael Brauer has indicated this logo will meet the TC's needs, although we haven't ironed out all the usage issues. We want to be careful not to imply OASIS has verified compliance unless, of course, we actually have some sort of compliance program in place. 
Second, WRT your presentation, will you be presenting on behalf of the OASIS OpenDocument TC or on behalf of yourself or your employer? See http://www.oasis-open.org/private/presenting.php for more details on what this means and how we can help. Jane Harnad (jane.harnad@oasis-open.org) will be happy to assist you.



From: Gary Edwards [mailto:gary.edwards@OpenStack.us] 
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 1:30 PM
To: Carol Geyer
Subject: OASIS OpenDocument: Desktop Summit, Logo & Banner

Hi Carol,

My name is Gary Edwards, and i'm a volunteer representing the OpenOffice.org Community on the OASIS OpenDocument TC (formerly the
OASIS Open Office TC).  I've got two issues i'd like to present to you.  The first involves a request from the OpenOffice.org
Marketing Project to create a logo for the OASIS OpenDocument universal file format.  The second is that i will be speaking at the
San Diego Open Desktop Summit <http://desktopsummit.com/agenda.php> , Wednesday, February 7th, 2005.

The title of my presentation is: T <http://desktopsummit.com/topics.php#shot> he Shot Heard Round the World: How the OASIS
OpenDocument Changes Everything <http://desktopsummit.com/topics.php#shot> 
The conference contact is:
    Heather MacKenzie
    Desktop Summit Event Manager
    858.587.6700 x263

Regarding the logo issue:   
The OpenOffice.org Marketing Project wants to develop and use a logo for the OASIS OpenDocument XML file format specification.  This
would be something that compliant applications could display in their marketing and representation materials.  The OOo Marketing
Project also believes that such branding would further recognition of the OASIS OpenDocument file format.

Is there a mechanism and guidelines for creating such a logo?  Would it be okay for OOo members to submit proposals to OASIS for
approval?  I tried to contact OASIS Member Services with this eMail, but it bounced.  So i'm hoping you can help with some advice.

The OOo Marketing Project has reviewed the activities of other OASIS TC's regarding the look and feel of various logos and banners,
but it would be helpful if we could work from specific guidelines.  

Your consideration of this issue is much appreciated,

Gary Edwards
(650) 365-0899

OpenOffice.org volunteer serving on the OASIS OpenDocument TC
www.oasis-open.org <http://www.oasis-open.org> 


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