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Subject: Re: [office] OpenDocument TC Meeting Minutes 2005-04-04

Hello Mary,

Mary McRae wrote:
> Hello Michael et al,
>   I was reading the minutes and noticed the mention of contacting David Mason regarding ISO submission. All coordination with ISO
> must be done through OASIS staff; if the TC would like to submit OpenDocument to ISO once it is approved, I will be more than happy
> to have Jamie Clark work with the TC on how this can be accomplished.

The minutes are unfortunately a little unprecise here. What we want to do is to
inform David Mason that the OpenDocument standard voting will start soon, so
that he knows that he may be contacted by you (or Jamie Clark) regarding an
OpenDocument ISO standardization soon.

David Mason contacted us some time ago, because he heard of our interest for
submitting OpenDocument to ISO when it has become an OASIS standard. The only
thing we agreed is that we keep him informed about the progress we make with the
OpenDocument standardization.

>   Also, on the topic of conformance/adoption, it might make sense to think about two different sub-committees - one for conformance
> specifics, and the other focused on adoption. In one instance you'd most likely need fairly technical individuals; in the other
> you'd want more of a marketing/documentation/training focus.

I agree. Having two additional sub committees might be an option.

>   Congratulations again on the spec - I'll be launching the ballot on the 16th. Let me know if I can be of any assistance in your
> recruiting efforts!

Thanks. We will keep this is mind.

> Regards,
> Mary

Best regards

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> Mary P McRae
> Manager of TC Administration
> email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org  
> web: www.oasis-open.org 
> phone: 603.232.9090
> cell: 603.557.7985
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Lars Oppermann [mailto:Lars.Oppermann@Sun.COM] 
>>Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 12:12 PM
>>To: office@lists.oasis-open.org
>>Subject: [office] OpenDocument TC Meeting Minutes 2005-04-04
>>2005-04-04 3PM GMT - 4PM GMT
>  ...
>>TC Discussion
>>Michael will contact David Mason again, to start coordinating 
>>for ISO submission
>>Using the OASIS model would make it impossible for 
>>free-software/opensource implementations to become 
>>conformant, since fees would have to be paid for conformance 
>>The TC thinks, that conformance should be handled in the 
>>following way:
>>- The TC defines the conformance rules
>>- A SubCommittee is to be created, which refines those rules 
>>and enables 3rd parties to test compliance. This SC should 
>>also be chartered to drive general adoption of OpenDocument 
>>and conforming applications.
>>- community driven projects (e.g. KOffice, OpenOffice.org) 
>>should report conformance problems with 3rd parties to the 
>>TC, and the TC will try to resolve those conformance problems 
>>with those parties.
>>- All TC members should try to recruit members for such a new SC
>>New action items
>>All: recruit members for conformance/marketing TC (until 2005-04-25)
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