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Subject: ISO Submission

Hi Michael, Lars, et al,

  See note below from Patrick Gannon re ISP submission.


OASIS management has been in dialog with the ISO Secretariate and wih the Chir of ISO/IEC JTC1, notifying them of our intent to
submit the OpenDocument OASIS Standard to the appropriate working group (TC/SC). I am meeting on Wed. with rep from ISO secretariate
while I am in Geneva.  We will start preparing the appropriate documents over the next couple weeks and will then review those draft
submission docs first with the OD TC, then with the OASIS Board on 27-28 July. Planned submission to JTC1 should be able to occur in
Aug.  Once the submission is acknowledged by JTC1, we will notify the OD TC on the expected time-frame for review & approval by


If you have further questions, feel free to send me a note!



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