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Subject: Re: [office] Regrets for next two calls

.Hi Duane,

Thanks for the links to Adobe XMP.  You guys have done some seriously good work here, and I'm looking forward to future discussions.  I will be at the JavaONE Conference (cell # 650-888-2268) and would like to meet you, and perhaps even chat a bit about XMP and OpenDoc XML. 

Would you also be interested in meeting with Stephen O'Grady of Redmonk?  (http://www.redmonk.com/sogrady/archives/000743.html).  He has lots of questions about MS XML, OpenDoc XML, and SOA.  And i don't have answers. 

Now, if only we could get Nathaniel Borenstein, Xiao Wei Hu, Bob Sutor to join us, we could get down to the really interesting business of WorkPlace, Notes, and the Adobe Stack of XMP enabled applications :)  I'd skip the rest of JavaONE for that kind of get together.

Regarding MS XML and the infamous MS XML Reference License that governs MS XML, there was an interesting post today by Brian Jones on his MS Blog.  He offers a sample file written in the recently announced MS XML version 2 format.  He also discusses interoperability with OpenDoc XML.  I'm thinking that we might have enough here to run our first conformance test :)

You can find Brian's  comments and the sample MS XML file at:

Hope you're having a good time in Europe, and that your journey is productive.  Let's try to meet next week,


Gary Edwards
OpenStack Business Systems
Redwood City, CA  94063
(650) 365-0899 w
(650) 888-2268 c.

OpenOffice.org volunteer serving on the OASIS OpenDocument TC


Duane Nickull wrote:
I will be in Geneva at the UN/CEFACT meeting next Monday and on an airplane the following week.

Regrets.  Look forward to picking back up in July


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note:OpenOffice.org volunteer serving on the OASIS OpenDocument TC

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