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Subject: Re: [office] Heading without numbers

Hi David,

we had little problems with outline numberings in beta versions of 
OpenOffice.org Writer. I can not reproduce this with an actual (m114) 
What version did you used?

My version produced the following OpenDocument fragment
<<text:h text:style-name="*Heading_20_1*" 
  <text:h text:style-name="*Heading_20_1*" text:outline-level="*1*" 
  <text:h text:style-name="*Heading_20_1*" 
for a document which looks like
1 H1
2 H3

The text:is-list-header="true" attribute at H2 prevents the paragraph 
from having a number.

Best regards,


>In OOo, write text using "Head 1" style. Use Backspace to remove the numbering. 
>If you save in .odt format and then reload the .odt, the numbering is back. 
>Nothing in the saved file indicates that the numbering is removed.
>I think something is missing in the spec about this.

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