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Subject: OpenDocument and LegalXML

Dear Dr. Leff,

the OpenDocumentTC in its last conference call started a discussion about the
LegalXML TC's evaluation of OpenDocument, but came to the conclusion that we
have to learn more about your requirements regarding the host language for
LegalXML. More precisely, the following questions arised during our discussions:

1. The evaluation lists couple of a concepts or "clause" patterns for which
the host language must provide apropriate elements, like numbered object
containers or phrases. It was unclear to us how LegalXML is using these
elements of the host language? Are they referenced from some LegalXML
elements, or must LegalXML applications "map" these elements to a certain
concept of LegalXML? An example document that shows the integration of
LegalXML into some other host language may be very usefull here.
2. It was also unclear to us what kind of applications would be used to edit
LegalXML+OpenDocument documents. Would this be general purpose office
applications (like OpenOffice.org or KOffice) that have a LegalXML support,
or would this be specialized applications that support LegalXML and (a subset
of) OpenDocument.
3. Do you have a sample use case for LegalXML what shows the role of the host
language within the worklow?

We are looking forward to your answers to our questions and to a continuation
of our discussions.

Best regards

Michael Brauer

OpenDocument TC chair

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