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Subject: Re: Fwd: OpenDocument submission package draft

Hello Mary,

Mary McRae wrote:

> Hello Michael and OpenDocument TC members:
> Below is the text of the draft submission to JTC1. This is an
> incomplete, internal draft, and we need everyone to review it and
> provide any feedback by Thursday (1 Sept) 10am EDT. At that point
> Jamie, Patrick Gannon and myself will combine edits and make the final
> submission.
> Please provide feedback to this list and cc: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org

My feedback is attached below.

Best regards


DRAFT Explanatory Report


>      Open Document Format for Office Applications v1.0 Specification
> (short name: "OpenDocument v1.0")
> The relevant documentation is enclosed (in a ZIP file) with this
> communication.  OpenDocument v1.0 is a Publicly Available

Attached is Committee Draft 3 of the OpenDocument specification. I would 
have expected that the OASIS standard version of the OpenDocument 
specification is attached.

The 2nd attachment (opendoc-jtc1-submit.zip) contains copies of the 
extracted Relax-NG schema that actually belong to Committe Draft 2. The 
included SXW-version of the specification is Committee Draft 3.


> OASIS enters into working agreements (as contemplated by JTC1
> criteria) with each organization to which it submits OASIS Standards,
> pursuant to our Liaison Policy [41.  [The proposed form of agreement
> is attached as exhibit ___.]  OASIS and its OpenDocument technical

It seems that there is a "]" missing.


>      As noted above, OPASIS expects its technical committee to remain
> active and drive growth of the specification, bringing future major
> versions back to JTC1 at an appropriate stage of stability.

OASIS is misspelled.

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