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Subject: [Fwd: OpenDocument Upcoming Presentation]

Dear TC members,

Jane Harnard, OASIS Manager of events, asked me to forward the following 
OpenDocument event announcement to you.

I personally will be at the event at October, the 18th. I would be glad 
to meet you there.

Best regards


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: OpenDocument Upcoming Presentation
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 17:07:54 -0400
From: Jane Harnad <jane.harnad@oasis-open.org>
Organization: OASIS Open
To: Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM, Lars.Oppermann@Sun.COM

Dear Michael and Lars:

As I am sure you are aware -- OASIS will be holding our "Second Annual
Adoption Forum in Europe". The event is scheduled to be held on 17-18 of
October in London, England. Since OpenDocument is part of the program
(see brief description below), we are hoping that your TC might promote
and post the event on your TC web page for us. In addition, we wanted to
formally invited all OpenDocument TC members to join us at the event.
Please feel free to send or post the enclosed note to your TC members.
We believe that we have developed a very flexible, cost effective event
to accommodate most everyone.  Please take a moment to review the event
web site and contact me with any questions -

Regards, Jane

Jane Harnad
Manager of Events
+1978-667-5115 ext 214
Office Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday



Tuesday, 18 October
An OpenDocument and DITA Special Event
"sponsored by Sun Microsystems and IBM"

09:00 AM
Welcome and Introductions
Presenter: Patrick Gannon, President and CEO of OASIS

09:15 AM
Introducing Open Document Format in Public Administrations

There has been such an increasing interest in open standards within the
public sector. This opening presentation will discuss the importance and
impact open standards currently have on the European eGovernment
community. The presentation will specifically focus on the ongoing and
planned OpenDocument Format activities within IDABC.

Presenter: Dr. Barbara Held, European Commission, Enterprise and
Industry Directorate-General, European eGovernment Services (IDABC)

09:45 AM
The Adoption and Evolution of the OASIS DITA Standard

DITA became an OASIS Standard in June 2005. Indi Liepa of Nokia, member
of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, and Ian Larner, IBM DITA
Architect, will explain the current status of the standard and briefly
illustrate the value of the standard using implementation examples.

Presenters: Ian Larner, Information Architect and Software Engineer User
Technologies, IBM Hursley Lab, United Kingdom and Indi Liepa, OASIS DITA
Technical Committee Representative/Senior Information Architect,
Technology Platforms, Nokia, United Kingdom

10:30 AM

11:00 AM
The Adoption of, and Migration to, OpenDocument in the Public Sector

This presentation will discuss where OpenDocument and its predecessor
OpenOffice.org XML have been adopted already by the public sector. It
will also provide an overview of the activities taking place around the
world with the goal of recommending an office application file format
for use in the public sector, and where OpenDocument is a candidate. In
addition, the presentation will touch briefly on how companies and
organizations can migrate to OpenDocument, discussing the problems that
may occur and how they can be resolved.

Presenter: Erwin Tenhumberg, Sun Microsystems


OASIS Adoption Forum
17-18 October 2005
Hilton London Metropole Hotel
London, UK

Deadlines are Approaching...

*Special OASIS Group Hotel Rate Expires on 7 October

OASIS has arranged to offer a special group rate of 119 for single
occupancy, including an American breakfast. To receive this group rate,
you need to contact the hotel directly at +44(0)207 616 6570 and provide
the group reference number "OASI161005". Again, reservations must be
made directly with the hotel by 7 October to ensure that you receive the
discounted group rate. We will be unable to secure the rate after that
date. Reservation questions may be directed to: Kerry Reardon at
+44(0)207 616 6570.

*Advance Registration Ends 10 October

Advance registration will end on 10 October. All registrations placed
after that date will need to be submitted onsite at the event. The
registration desk will be open outside the Windsor Suite at the hotel
beginning at 8:00 AM.

Registration details:  All OASIS members are entitled to a 100 USD
discount off the meeting fee. The fee to attend the Forum is 300 USD for
OASIS members and 400 USD for non-members. This meeting fee includes
access to all sessions (both on Monday and Tuesday), luncheon, coffee
breaks, reception, and associated materials. Register now at

Event Recap...

*A Sound Program

The event will be chaired by John Borras, the CEO of the UK's Local
e-Government Standards Body. David Mitchell, a software practice leader
at Ovum will provide a keynote discussing how open standards and open
source relate, how they differ, and what the future holds for both. The
agenda includes presentations on standards and taxation, egovernment and
standards, e-voting standards, ehealth case studies, web services
business process execution language, and UBL. Rounding out the first day
will be featured panel on open standards and the need for coordination
between standards organizations. The panel will bring together
representatives from the most influential standards organizations in
Europe, including: CEN/ISSS, GS1, ICTSB, WfMC and ITU.

*Special Add-On OpenDocument/DITA Event, Sponsored by Sun Microsystems
and IBM

Following the OASIS Adoption Forum will be a half-day program showcasing
two newly approved OASIS Standards, OpenDocument and the Darwin
Information Typing Architecture (DITA). This new special event will be
free to all registered OASIS Adoption Forum attendees. Individuals
interested in attending this half-day event only may register online at
The fee for the half-day only program on the 18th is 60 USD for OASIS
members and 90 USD for non-members.

*Networking Opportunities

Many networking opportunities are available at this year's Adoption
Forum.  All these networking functions are covered by the meeting fee
and include coffee breaks, lunch and a reception. OASIS leaders will be
available at the event, so we encourage you to take advantage of this
great opportunity to share your views on the future of OASIS directly
with the organization's leaders.

*Special Thanks

Special thanks to our sponsors including: Foundational Members, BEA
Systems, Innodata-Isogen, SAP, and Sun Microsystems, and event sponsors,
HP, IBM, and Xenos. In addition, we would like to thank all the
organizations that agreed to support the event including: CEN/ISSS, GS1,

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